The 10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms are the best and most simple way of giving the opportunity to your customers to give opinions about your products and services.

The 10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

In this era of competition, businesses always try to stand out of the box.

The most important factor in your business is your customers.

Successful companies know the importance of the customers in their business, and they will take suggestions from their customers.

Contact forms are the best and most simple way of giving the opportunity to your customers to give opinions about your products and services.

In WordPress websites, contact forms are essential to allow customers to send a message.

Due to the popularity of the WordPress forms, new themes have integrated forms, which only have basic features.

There are many different types of WordPress plugins that can add and customize contact forms.

Some of these contact form plugins are free, and some are paid.

There are currently 1000+ contact form plugins available for WordPress, and it is all down to you as the website owner to chose which one you are going to use.

It is important to do research on any plugin before using it on your website.

With the help of WordPress contact form plugins, customers can easily email you without wasting any time.

Many contact form plugins also have special features, like spam protection which keeps your inbox safe from spam mail.

To help you decide which plugin to use, we have carefully compiled a list of the 10 best WordPress contact form plugins currently available.

The list is in no particular order and we suggest having a look at all of them.


WPforms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins.

It has a simple design with a builder that lets the user create their own forms based on the design that they require.

Using the builder, you can create an online form in minutes, without having to do any coding.

It’s simple & user-friendly design means anyone can use this plugin.

It has a number of powerful features which help businesses to achieve their targets.

Using this plugin you can build advance forms, such as order forms, donation forms, subscription forms and also survey forms which allow businesses to question their customers to see what they think about the business and the products and services that are offered.

WPforms also has many different templates which speed up the process of building your own professional WordPress forms.

The best thing about this plugin is that it is so simple to add forms to pages and posts, even beginners can use the features that this plugin offers.

For small business and entrepreneurs, WPforms also has a free version available.

On top of the features that the plugin has, there are also free tutorials and technical support.

There are 2 million+ installs for the WPforms plugin, and it is still growing.

Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is considered to the oldest and the most popular contact form plugin, it is estimated that it has more than 3 million active installs on WordPress websites around the world.

It is completely free and you can install it on unlimited websites without ever needing a subscription.

You can add extra functionalities by installing third-party plugins.

It allows you to manage multiple forms within one website.

Finally, you can customize the forms that you build within the plugin and you can choose the email content that goes through forms built with the plugin.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms have user-friendly tools with a clean interface.

The advanced tools that they offer within the plugin, will improve the customer support for your website.

You can create different types of forms like conditional logic and simple entry forms, both of which you can build unlimited amounts of if you purchase a license.

They also have the added function to allow users to upload files when filling in a form and you can also create multi-page forms with the plugin.

There are three licence options available with this plugin, all include Unlimited entries, unlimited forms, file uploads, automatic updates, support, documentation and many more resources.

If you choose the most expensive plan, you will receive priority support, this is suitable for big companies.

It also supports a large number of add-ons, which once activated can increase the capability of the plugin.

The Gravity forms plugin has multiple helpful features including file uploading and email notifications.

It can even perform advance level calculations, which are helpful for real estate and finance websites.

You can also set a limit to the number of submissions that a particular form can receive, or you could choose to schedule when the forms are open or closed.


OptinMonster is a famous WordPress contact form plugin with a drag and drop form builder.

The builder can easily create popups and other types of lead-generating forms.

Popup forms can be useful in collecting many types of customer information, including name, phone number, age, email address and any other information that is useful for marketing.

OptinMonster has helped many businesses grow as the plugin’s main focus is generating and converting leads.

With this plugin, you can: Grow your email list, capture leads, convert leads into sales, reduce cart abandonment, show targeted offers and gain more page views.

Their focus is on helping you to easily and quickly drive results when using their plugin.

There is also a large number of insights and analytics available, including subscriber geolocation, customer behaviour, conversion statistics and more.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms are one of the best contact form plugins, with a variety of industry-related features.

You can create contact forms along with surveys, subscription forms, and other forms.

The plugin allows users to create high-quality forms by putting minimum effort and time.

It is widely considered the most popular plugin for contact forms in the market.

It’s completely free, and you can install it on unlimited sites.

Ninja forms also have a premium version for professionals which has added customization features.

You don’t need to be a developer to use this plugin, as it is very beginner-friendly, with a drag & drop builder.


Happyforms is a relatively new plugin, with forms that give you comprehensive analytical data.

It is considered to be the lightest contact form plugin for the features that it has.

Being 100% free, it’s popularity has increased quickly.

The form builder is drag and drop, which means no coding is required.

You can build pop-up forms, password-protected forms, file upload forms, calendar forms, and more.

It also allows you to view and filter the form entries within the plugin dashboard, saving you time.


weForms became highly popular very soon after it was released.

It was developed by a well-trusted company that created other popular WordPress plugins like WP project manager, Dokan, appsero and many more.

It is super-fast and has a user-friendly interface.

There are both free and paid versions of the plugin, but the free version has many advanced features that other free plugins do not have.

You can also integrate many other plugins and tools to this plugin to add even more features to it.

Anti-spam is also included, so bots and fake messages can not be sent through forms build with this plugin.

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a very popular contact form plugin as it has free and has many good features.

It has different packages, with different features and of course, the premium package has the most advanced features.

However, the free version is good if you want a drag and drop form builder that costs you nothing.

There are also add-ons available which can add extra options to the plugin.

It is considered to be the most powerful contact form plugin which is free.

Some of the features include radio buttons, drop-down selections and the ability to accept payments.

You can also allow users to upload files through a form build with this plugin.

Formidable Forms

Formidable forms are one of the most widely used WordPress contact form plugins in the market.

The drag and drop builder technology can assist webmasters with no coding knowledge.

If you do have coding knowledge, you can edit the HTML for forms made with the plugin to customise any element layout, style and functionality.

The plugin has free and paid versions, but the premium version offers some incredible features.

With the premium version, you can create multilingual forms, enter location data automatically, and accept payments, etc.

Jetpack forms

Jetpack is a plugin that contains a wide range of tools, including security, analytics, social media integration and many more.

With Jetpack, you can easily place a contact form into any page on your website.

It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins because of how comprehensive it is and how well it works with the WordPress system.

This powerful and sleek plugin is available in a both free and paid versions.