Best Instagram Growth Strategies for Startups

There are many different Instagram growth tips, tricks, and strategies out there, but I want to show you some of my favourites that I think will be the most successful for growing your page.

Best Instagram Growth Strategies for Startups

Growing a brand is tricky, especially if you are starting from nothing.

If you are trying to grow your brand using Instagram, but are having no luck, it is probable that you are doing something wrong.

Maybe your not posting enough, or posting low quality content, or not using the right hashtags.

Growing an Instagram page can take time, and it also requires a well planned out growth strategy.

There are many different Instagram growth tips, tricks, and strategies out there, but I want to show you some of my favourites that I think will be the most successful for growing your page.

Here are the best Instagram growth strategies for startups:

Post Engaging Content

If you are posting content that won't make Instagram users want to like or comment onto your posts, it is likely that your content is not engaging or high quality.

Before making any content, you want to think about what your target audience actually want to see.

Take a look at content that is successful in your niche.

What are they doing, that you are not?

Its always good to learn from your competitors, but never steal or copy their content.

It is important that you create new content, that is engaging, high quality, and stands out from the crowd.

Here are 5 engaging content ideas for Instagram posts:

  1. Show an example of your work
  2. Share user-generated content
  3. Give a before an after
  4. Tips & tricks
  5. Repurpose blog content

Stick to a schedule and post content regularly, so that your posts are pushed by the Instagram algorithm and found by more users.

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature that the Instagram algorithm is currently promoting.

Reels are short (15 second) videos, they are Instagram's version of TikTok.

If you start posting reels every day, your page reach will grow rapidly.

Click here to read the official Instagram Reels announcement.

Here are 5 content ideas for Instagram Reels:

  1. Create a tutorial
  2. Jump on a current trend
  3. Create a listicle
  4. Show behind the scenes
  5. Share your routine

At least one of these Instagram reels ideas should relevant for you to use.

Optimize Your Page

When you create your Instagram page, it is important that you optimize it, so that more users engage in your content, follow you, and understand who you are.

Here is a checklist of what you need to do to properly optimize your Instagram page.

  1. Name your Page
  2. Write an Engaging Bio
  3. Upload a Profile Picture
  4. Follow Relevant Pages
  5. Switch to Instagram For Business
  6. Select Page Category
  7. Add Contact Info
  8. Create a Theme

Here is a great example:

Completing all of these steps will ensure that you have correctly optimized your Instagram page.

Go Live

Going live on Instagram is the best way to create long form content, that lets users interact with you live, and learn more about you.

Many brands are using Instagram Live to connect directly with their audience,

There are some great features available in live:

  • Add guests to your live stream
  • Collect questions from your audience
  • Share a photo or video with your live audience
  • Interact with the audience through live comments

Here are four ways for you to make your live streams even better:

  1. Plan your streams out before going live.
  2. Invite guests to your streams
  3. Go live at events
  4. Host live tutorials for your audience

You can even record your Instagram Live, and post it to IGTV, so that users can play it back.

Optimize Your Posts

You must optimize every post that you publish to your Instagram page.

Optimizing your posts will ensure that users will find your posts, and engage in them too!

Here is a checklist you need to follow before posting on Instagram:

  1. Check Posting Schedule
  2. Write Engaging Caption
  3. Add A CTA
  4. Tag Relevant Pages
  5. Tag Your Location
  6. Ensure It Looks Great

Ask yourself these questions before posting:

  • Will the post look good on my page?
  • Is the post relevant to my page?
  • Is the caption engaging?
  • Is it the right time to publish this post?
  • Will my audience like this post?

If you answer "yes" to all of them, publish your post.

Then, after you publish your post, you need to follow this checklist:

  1. Add Hashtags To First Comment
  2. Share New Post On Your Story
  3. Reply To Comments

Now, you should be able to comprehensively optimize every post that you publish to Instagram.

Engage in the Community

It is important that you engage in the community by interacting with all comments on your posts, and commenting on other posts in your niche.

To become known in your niche, follow relevant pages and engage in their posts.

You want to become known and respected in the community.

Take some time out of the day to reply to comments, and interact with other posts.

Simply by interacting, more users will find your page, and you will also be showing people that you are active in the community.

I suggest following about 250 - 400 pages in your niche.

As well as that, you should comment on 10 - 20 relevant posts each day.

But when you are commenting other page's posts, it is important that they are useful comments and not just random spam.

Push Posts to Other Social Platforms

When you post to Instagram, you get the option to push your Instagram post to other social platforms including Twitter, and Facebook.

By doing this you are also sharing your posts to other social media platforms, which will put your content in front of more people.

This will increase the reach and engagement for your Instagram posts.

Run Instagram Ads

If you want to reach an even larger audience, you could run ads on Instagram.

By running ads, you can target users that you want to follow you.

You can use Instagram ads to increase the reach of your posts, drive traffic to your website, encourage users to engage in your posts, and much more.

Before running an Instagram ad campaign, it is important that you learn how to properly set up a campaign.

Some of the steps include: defining an audience, selecting a campaign objective, creating the post that you want to promote, analysing the analytics, and so on.

You can get a ton of information about Instagram Ads, on the Instagram business website.

These are my favourite growth strategies for Instagram.

Adding these growth strategies into your Instagram marketing plan will help you to grow your page and your brand.