15 Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

If you’re struggling with content ideas or simply want to be more engaging with your LinkedIn audience, there are types of content that are likely to do better than others.

15 Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

Be honest, when was the last time you were excited about the content your company posted on LinkedIn?

No offence to your social media manager, but that promotion for a new product just didn’t speak to you.

If you’re struggling with content ideas or simply want to be more engaging with your LinkedIn audience, there are types of content that are likely to do better than others.

The following list covers 15 of these types of content and will hopefully help give you some ideas on what to publish next.

Write about your background

How did you get to where you are today?

What obstacles did you have to overcome?

How many different businesses did you start before you found success?

Let your followers know about your past, to inspire them, and show them where you came from.

Give away a free resource

Give away free access to a PDF, template, or any other resource that will be valuable to your audience on LinkedIn.

For example, if you are in the SEO industry, create and give away a resource full of SEO strategies.

Create a pros/cons post

Create a post where you compare the pros and cons of something.

You could do this for products, services, marketing strategies, and so many other things, as long as its something that you understand.

Share behind the scenes images at your business

Take pictures of your office, factory, or employees at work and post them to LinkedIn.

Write about a business you admire

Share a story about a good experience you have had with another business.

If you feel like you have had exceptional service, share the positivity.

Show your desk / workspace

If you work from home, or at an office share a picture of your desk.

People love seeing other people's desks as it inspires them to improve or make changes to their own.

Write about something you recently learned

Did you recently learn something that has helped you to grow your business, or become more productive?

Write about what you have learned, and how it has helped you.

Share productivity tips

Do you have any productivity tips that might help someone else?

Post them on LinkedIn, and help other people to increase their productivity.

Tell a story related to your business

If you have an interesting, or funny story that is related to your business, share it on LinkedIn.

Try to make your story engaging, but don't make anything up.

Vlog a day at the office

Vlog a day at work, and show others what your working day is like.

You don't need to spend hours editing it, just film when you feel like it, and put the clips together.

This one isn't LinkedIn specific, you can post your vlog to YouTube too!

Share valuable tips for others in your industry

If you run an SEO agency, share some SEO tips, if you are the owner of a startup, share some tips that will help other startups.

Sharing bitesize information that will help others, is the most shareable type of content that you can post to LinkedIn.

Create a top 10 list

Create a top 10, or top 5 list of things in your industry.

For example: If I am a digital marketing expert, I could create a list of the top 10 digital marketing tools.

If someone that sees the post has not heard of one of the tools that I mentioned, they will have discovered something new that could help with their own business.

Create an infographic

Everyone loves a good infographic!

Create an infographic with Canva, or another design tool, and post it to LinkedIn.

Go live on LinkedIn

Did you know that you can go live on LinkedIn?

Well, you have apply here first, but once your accepted, you can!

Share a milestone

Did your business recently hit a new milestone?

Just reached 1000 customers?

Share your success on LinkedIn.

Just hit $1000 MRR?

Celebrate, and post about it on LinkedIn.

You can also give tips to others, on how you reached said milestone.

You should now have plenty of content ideas to post on LinkedIn!